Can Unity Around Nature’s Phenomena Inspire Solidarity Among Humanity?



What an inspiring day it was on August 21, 2017  to witness people from every walk of life coming together to view a beautiful solar eclipse in totality for over two minutes! Just imagine the world around you stopping for that brief amount of time to look up in awe. Now imagine that we could look at each other with that same awe. The two unlikely orbits coinciding perfectly could inspire those who orbit around us to see the other as part of the beauty of creation rather than sources for division.

I love the question Kay Pranis asks: What if we could not put out, throw out, dispose of, anyone or anything – what would be different? We would be intimately interconnected beyond anything we could imagine!

The face of division and hatred we are witnessing can change when we begin simply see the other as a mark of creation with equal dignity, designed for a divine purpose. When we begin to guard our thoughts to be constructive, our words and actions will follow.